Stitch – Python RAT


What is Stitch? Stitch is a Python written cross platform RAT (remote administration tool) that is capable of:

  • Command and file auto-completion
  • Anti-virus detection
  • Able to turn off/on display monitors
  • Hide/unhide files and directories
  • View/edit the hosts file
  • View all the systems environment variables
  • Keylogger with options to view status, start, stop and dump the logs onto your host system
  • View the location and other information of the target machine
  • Execute custom python scripts which return whatever you print to screen
  • Screen shots
  • Virtual machine detection
  • Download/Upload files to and from the target system
  • Attempt to dump the systems password hashes
  • Payloads’ properties are “disguised” as other known programs

And much more. Originally created by nathanlopez this applications development was adopted by Ekultek after seven months of no updates.

Download: `git clone`

More info here.

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