ReQrypt – HTTP Request Tunneling Tool

ReQryptReQrypt is a tool for tunneling and encrypting web browser requests to hide them from local (e.g. router-level, or ISP-level) snooping and interception. ReQrypt is useful for bypassing ISP-level URL censorship/filtering/logging systems.

ReQrypt works very differently than other bypassing methods. ReQrypt is based on a technology known as “triangular routing”. In a nutshell, ReQrypt works
like this:

(1) Tunneled request +—————-+ (2) Forwarded request
+————->| ReQrypt server |————-+
| +—————-+ |
| |
| V
+—————-+ +—————-+
| PC web browser |<—————————-| Web server |
+—————-+ +—————-+
(3) Web-page response

How it works

  1. Your web browser issues a HTTP request to the web-server, which is encrypted and tunnelled to a ReQrypt server.
  2. The ReQrypt server decrypts the tunneled packet, and forwards it to the web-server.
  3. The web-server responds the HTTP request as if it came directly from your computer, and the web page response is sent back via the normal route.



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