Nameles – Open Source Invalid Traffic Detection


Nameles provides an easy to deploy, scalable IVT detection and filtering solution that is proven to detect at a high level of accuracy ad fraud and other types of invalid traffic such as web scraping.

  • Comprehensive Detection
    Detects display, video and in-app based ad fraud, web scraping and other forms of invalid traffic from both mobile and desktop sources.
  • Entropy Method
    Entropy measurement is one of the most widely used methods for detecting anomalies in large datasets with many unknowns across a wide range of problems.
  • Scalable Architecture
    Highly optimized C++ codes run on minimal computing resource and scale to meet the needs of even the largest advertising technology companies.
  • Low Operation Cost
    Pre-bid filtering of 300,000 QPS traffic stream have the total-cost-of-operation of less than $5,000 per month with below 50ms decision delay.
  • Permissive Licence
    The permissive apache license allows reuse, modification, and reselling to meet the needs of all advertising technology companies.
  • Built by Experts
    Built in close collaboration between the most experienced ad fraud experts, leading adtech innovators, and highly regarded academic researchers.

Detection Capability

While absolute measurement of detection capability is impossible, Nameles is the only detection solution that can be audited by indepedent parties and that is backed by several scientfic papers.

Nameles can detect invalid traffic on:

  • mobile and desktop
  • display, video, and in-app



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