How To Install Metasploit Framework On Any Android Device

It is one of the best hacking tools out there. Metasploit can do almost everything in terms of compromising a system. This will be a quite short tutorial, let’s dive in. To install Metasploit with Termux you will need the following


  • Termux
  • Internet connection
  • Android 5.0 or later

Install Metasploit On Android DeviceHow to install Metasploit:


  1. Open Termux, type command
    $ apt update
    $ apt upgrade
  2. Install wget
    $ apt install wget
  3. Download script
    $ wget
  4. Run script (take 5-10 minutes)
    $ bash
  5. Run metasploit-framework
    $ cd metasploit-framework

And your done.



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