How to Uninstall Avira 2016

How to Uninstall Avira Antivirus:

  1. Head over to Windows Settings menu, choose System and then Apps & Features Find and locate Avira apps – Important – leave the Avira Launcher to be removed last.Click Uninstall:

    Apps and features menu

    Start -> Settings -> System -> Apps and Features


  2. Click Yes on the Windows control prompt:Windows confirmation prompt
    Just to confirm you want to run the uninstaller.


  3. This message might scare you a little bit, but don’t be scared. Click on Uninstall, even though it’s a warning. 

    Confirm uninstall of Avira antivirus

    Confirm – to uninstall Avira.


  4. Avira will do all the uninstall process work, leave it as it is until it’s uninstalled:Avira is uninstalling
    The Avira uninstall process


  5. After the removal, you must restart your PC/Laptop/Device, click Yes:Restart your computer
    Restart your computer to remove Avira.


  6. Same process applies if you have other Avira products installed on your computer, repeating the process above will help you remove them, until only the Avira Launcher will remains. When you are at Apps & features menu (after removing all Avira prodcuts) – remove the Avira Launcher:


    Apps and features menu - only the Avira Launcher is left

    Remove the Avira Launcher


  7. Next step is to click Uninstall to remove the Avira Launcher

    Confirm removal of Avira Launcher

    Confirm the action you want to perform


  8. It will take a few minutes for Avira Launcher to be removed:Removing Avira Launcher
    Removing Avira Launcher


  9. Click OK when the setup is finished:Launcher removal complete
    Avira Launcher is uninstalled
  10. It’s highly recommended to remove the Chrome extension of Avira. As you can see they are asking for feedback. Now it’s up to you to leave one: good or bad, depends on your experience with Avira. 

    Avira feedback request and browser add-on removal

    Avira feedback request and browser add-on removal


That’s it. You have completely uninstalled Avira from your computer. It’s time for you to install a brand new Antivirus, which will suit your needs.

Now you’re done and you uninstalled Avira completely from your computer.

Now you need to install a new antivirus software without delay; only make sure that this time it’s a software which will suit your needs better.

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