Automatic Local File Inclusion with LFI Suite

LFI Suite – a totally automatic tool to scan and exploit Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities – using a lot of different methods of attack.

lfi suiteCheck out the features on this bad boy:


  • Automatic Update
  • Works with Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Automatic Configuration
  • Provides 8 different Local File Inclusion attack modalities:
    • /proc/self/environ
    • php://filter
    • php://input
    • /proc/self/fd
    • access log
    • phpinfo
    • data://
    • expect://
  • Provides a ninth modality, called Auto-Hack, which scans and exploits the target automatically by trying all the attacks one after the other without you having to do anything (except for providing, at the beginning, a list of paths to scan, which if you don’t have you can find in this project directory in two versions, small and huge).
  • Tor proxy support
  • Reverse Shell for Windows, Linux and OS X


git clone


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