android settings

How to Spoof MAC Address on Android Device

In this small guide, we will show you how easy it is to alter our Android device's MAC address. Please note, you will need...
chrome extensions

Best Chrome Extensions for Penetration Testing

We are going to share with you only the best Chrome extensions used for pen testing. Check all of them below, get informed on...

Metasploit – Automated Persistent Backdoor

How to get Automated Persistent Backdoor with Metasploit - video is below. Check it out and enjoy learning online security.

How to Send Secure Emails with ProtonMail

Privacy is very important in 2017, especially when we hear about NSA hacks, and much more. So let me ask you the following question: Which...

Session Hijacking With XSS

Cross site scripting which is commonly known as XSS, is a very simple vulnerability found in Web Applications, XSS allows the attacker to RUN...
android rat tools

Best Android Remote Administration Tools (RAT) 2017

Android RAT or Remote Administration Tool, is a tool which allows remote access to a smartphone, just like physical access to the system. Check...



Prochunter – Linux Process Hunter

Prochunter aims to find hidden process with all userspace and most of the kernelspace rootkits. This tool is composed of a kernel module that...

Bluebox-ng – Node.js VoIP penetration testing framework

[youtube] Features Auto VoIP/UC penetration test Report generation Performance RFC compliant SIP TLS and IPv6 support SIP over websockets (and WSS) support (RFC 7118) ...

ooniprobe – Network Interference Detection Tool

OONI, the Open Observatory of Network Interference, is a global observation network which aims is to collect high quality data using open methodologies, using...

Nishang – PowerShell Penetration Testing Framework

Nishang is an open source framework and collection of powerful PowerShell scripts and payloads that you can use during penetration testing audit, post exploitation...

DIFUZE – Interface Aware Fuzzing for Kernel Drivers

Device drivers are an essential part in modern Unix-like systems to handle operations on physical devices, from hard disks and printers to digital cameras...

Parrot Security OS

Parrot is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and focused on Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Programming and Privacy protection. It includes a full portable...


BitDefender Total Security 2017 Review

I really hope everyone agrees with me, when I'm saying: Security and privacy are highly important in 2017. As you probably know, all the big...